Keeping Up With Trends in Fashion

Fashion is any type of independent self-expression and individuality within a certain context and at a certain time and place. The word itself suggests a particular look defined as what is fashionable by the fashion industry. It is basically a system of judging, classifying, rating, and influencing popularity as well as the trendiness of a given style or trend. In many ways, fashion critics are like judges who grade the styles of different individuals based on the criteria of fashion that the critics have set. It has been said that, “A trend is a trend if it is well accepted.”


With so many choices available in the market, it is difficult to choose what would be a trend and what would not. Some may consider Paris Hilton as one of the few celebrities who can be considered as a high fashion model since she has been wearing fashion magazines for most of her life. However, other choices for celebrities in the high fashion world include Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Nicole Ritchie, just to name a few. More than half of the female population in the United States own at least one fashion magazine. One reason for this popularity of fashion magazines is the wide array of topics that they cover, ranging from important issues such as politics, society, health, beauty, and society in general.

As people become more aware of the possibilities of fashion, new trends in fashion are constantly introduced. Thus, it is up to the consumer to keep an eye on what is going on in the fashion world. Most fashion experts recommend that the best way to keep abreast of the latest trends is to subscribe to fashion and beauty magazines. Although there is no guarantee that you will become a trend stalker but being aware of current trends will help you determine what is in and what is out. Keeping your eyes on the prize will keep you from spending too much money on useless fashion accessories.