All About the News

The news is the one of the most popular news topics from all around the world. Everybody gets news daily about different events and developments in life. News is generally understood by different writers and analysts of news as well as the editors who create and manage different news papers. Based on the Oxford dictionary definition, news can be defined as reports or information about current affairs.


A good news story should satisfy three different human interests: the first is the human interest; the second is the public interest and the third interest is the media’s interest. In other words, a good news story should satisfy three different needs of humans in order to make it popular among the people. For instance, in a scientific news story, the main concern of scientists involved in the research would be to inform the general public about the results of their research. On the other hand, in a feature story, the writer will focus more on describing the features of a certain place, setting up a picture, and telling how interesting the place is to local people. However, in an entertainment news story, there is no particular human interest.

However, human interest in a news story is always considered to be the basic prerequisite for any good news story. National news shows are more likely to adhere to certain sets of news values. Generally, a national news show will focus on national political, social, economic and environmental issues. A news program on television may also include a news segment that is devoted to covering international news, especially if the particular country is hosting a major international event such as the Olympics. A popular television channel may also devote some time to covering news regarding art, culture and other hobbies of the audience.