A designer is a person who designs things, especially artistic objects. Designing is a process by which an idea is produced through the application of tools and patterns to the natural or man-made things so that they meet the requirements of the end users. It includes interaction with people, such as artists, to produce the final product. There are different types of designers. There are those who apply themselves purely to art, others to science and others still to industries.


A designer is also called a designer, but the word designer is more often used than the word designer. A designer is also known by different names, depending upon the type of designing expertise possessed. An architect is a designer, as is a civil engineer, and a structural engineer, etc. In the mass production type of design process, a manufacturer would have many assistants whose job it would be to provide the necessary input necessary to make the object reach its potential. A designer has to deal with the needs of the customer and produce a design that matches the specifications requested.

Some designers are actually industrial designers, those engaged in the design and development of industrial goods such as machinery, automobiles and space ships. They are concerned with creating the details of how the various parts of these large-scale objects will interact so as to function properly. Industrial designers do not only create the objects directly, but also help create the procedures that go into their creation and quality standards. This is why they are sometimes referred to as manufacturing designers and plan designers.