News From Agence France-Presse

News is a general term that applies to any significant event that involves human activity and is released to the public via various different sources. The importance of news can not be understood by the layman; it is a very serious business for those who are involved in it. News is of different kinds of news that are general is found in newspapers and news channels, news that is current is generally reported in TV, and the latest happenings in the field of science and technology are generally given in various scientific journals. In broad terms, news can be defined as any significant event that happens in society or in any place, other than personal or private matters.


A news agency is any company, whether a newspaper or a cable channel, that disseminates news and other informational materials. Some news agencies specialize in a particular field of journalism such as sports, while others are general all over the world. Various news agencies provide their news services either free of cost or at a nominal fee.

Agence France-Presse is a French organization that is among the major news agencies of the world. It is a not for profit organization that strives to maintain close contact with all the media, and to constantly keep them informed of developments that affect the country and its people. Agence France-Presse is one of the leading news agencies of the world, known for its credibility and honesty. Other notable news agencies of France are L’Equipe, France Bleu, CDA, Radio France Internationale, and RMC.