Slot – The Position in the Offensive Offense


The slot is the position in an offense that is positioned a few steps off the line of scrimmage. Unlike wide receivers that are split out wider at the ends of the formation, the slot is typically a smaller and quicker player. Because of this, a slot receiver is able to run precise routes, and is usually a good deep and short route runner. The Slot is also expected to block and act as a running back on some plays, particularly pitch and reverses.

Slot – The Slot is the area on the field between the last offensive lineman and the wide receiver that is split out to either side. The Slot receiver is smaller and faster than other wide receivers, and is a very good deep and short route runner. The quarterback often looks to the Slot to perform a lot of his routes, because he can quickly get open by running past the defense’s coverage.

A slot is a narrow opening in something, like a machine or container. You put coins in a slot to make it work, or you can use a special card or key to activate a machine and play its bonus games. A computer chip inside a slot determines the odds of winning, and the results change thousands of times per second. If you see someone else get a jackpot that should’ve been yours, don’t fuss: The odds that you would have pushed the button at that exact one-hundredth of a second are incredibly minute.