Sports Betting Terminology – Terms, Techniques and Tips

Sports betting terminology can sometimes be very confusing, particularly those just entering the industry. This glossary contains several of the more common words, terms and concepts that you’ll see in the industry and throughout sports betting in general. Also, bonus game | bet | game | sports betting | ‘ll} Bonus game – A bonus is something you get for playing a bet. It isn’t necessarily cash or a prize. In sports betting, a bonus game is one where you don’t have to put out any cash to bet. This means if you win you don’t have to pay out. However, it still counts as an ‘advance’ and is subject to the same terms and policies that apply to regular bet types (such as games with cash and prizes).

Odds on what – An odds quote is simply an estimation of what the final odds will be on a bet. For example, a golfer has a 5% chance of hitting a hole in one. That’s a rough estimate, though. The odds are only an estimate; they don’t tell you exactly how much you’re likely to win. In sports betting you should look for examples of previous games where the odds were published and use them to estimate how likely something is.