The Advantages of Blogging – From Marketing to Informative Gist

A blog (abbreviated version of weblog) is simply a website or a blog where you can post information, with the latest post appearing at the top, in reverse chronological order. It’s a platform whereby a single writer or a small team of contributors share their ideas on a particular topic. It has no particular goal other than to help readers know what others people are thinking. In other words, a blog is a place where people write about current events, politics, art, music, books, travel, gadgets, blogs etc.


In its current form, blogging emerged as a personal diary, a sort of online diary, where people can log in and post comments or write entries in a shared online diary. The blogging revolution then took off and grew into what we now know as a blog, a means to publicly display a person’s thoughts, opinions or feelings on specific topics. A blog can be written by anyone and can contain any type of content. Originally, blogs were not meant to be used for advertising, but as the demand grew so did the number of websites where one could put up a blog for free. As more people began to use their free online diary as a means to market themselves and their businesses, online diary software was created to make it easier for bloggers to update their blogs quickly and easily.

These days, there are many ways to monetize a blog, and many people have managed to turn a hobby into a good source of income, from selling advertising space or Google AdSense to building an email list, writing regular blog posts and sending out periodic email newsletters to their readers. With the rise in popularity of blogging, companies are waking up to the benefits that come with blogging as a means of advertising. Companies have also realized that if they are seen to be supporting a well-written blog, then they will have something that their customers will always remember, and that they can use whenever they want. In fact, many people report having their favourite blogs saved on the computer and opened at any time for a personal reminder of why they favour that particular brand or company.