Types of Betting

Betting on horse racing has exploded in popularity recently in Las Vegas, and its appeal will continue to grow. The basic structure of betting on horse racing is much like that of baseball. For example, the most popular bet in Texas Hold’em is the place card, which is a betting slot where you win either with or without a horse. Beyond that, the betting goes on with each race, varying on the type of wagers that people are making.


Like baseball, the Texas Hold’em has many different variations, such as the “longshot” and the “underdog.” In the Texas Hold’em you can choose from three different playing strategies. The most popular one is called the spread bet, where you spread out your money between the two front runners, as if you were betting on one pair and one chunk. This allows you to make more than one off the same horses, but it also allows you to lose part of your money if one horse takes the lead and reverses, if the other one comes in first. This works better when the favorite is one of the underdogs, as in this instance the spread bet is considered a “gamble” because it isn’t a guarantee that he or she will come in first.

You can also bet the money line, which is basically a point system. With the money line, you don’t have to take risks on any horse at all, and you only have a certain amount of money that you can risk. If a horse is betting at a 2% point or below, you can bet the same amount on it, but since it’s a toss-up, you’ll probably lose more than you win. If the horse is betting at a 3% point or higher, then you could potentially make some money if it wins. As with the spread bet, the odds are always in favor of the home team.