Fashion Trend 101 – What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a common word that refers to a particular style, form, and time of dress in a particular society and time. It may indicate a style or trend that is considered to be fashionable and appropriate for a given situation. However, one should not confuse fashion with dress code. Fashion is also a cultural, social, and psychological attitude in a certain time and place and at a given context. The word in its general usage means a particular appearance defined by the fashion industry as what is fashionable.


A particular trend or style in clothing is considered fashionable through the intentional or unintentional intention by designers, manufacturers, or sellers to create this kind of appearance in people’s lives. Although it may not be an accurate term to use when talking about changes in appearance in human bodies, but it is widely used by many people to indicate certain ways of dressing. It is also considered as the desired way to dress in order to be viewed by others. However, fashion trends are continuously changing and evolving, just like everything else in our world. There are many people who still adhere to old fashion trends, while others follow fashion trends consciously, while there are those who are swept away by the latest fashion trends.

One should try to identify their own personal fashion trends and follow them while wearing the appropriate clothing. This kind of behavior is not merely considered as trashy, but rather good for you as it will help you improve your health and condition. Just because people tell you to wear low-rise jeans or skirts do not automatically mean that you must wear it. You can still wear it if it fits you well and gives you the comfort that you want to have. What is important is that you should know how to choose clothing that is not only fashionable but also makes you look good.