Marketing Myopia

Marketing is the process by which organizations satisfy their customers by presenting goods and/or services to them, and building customer loyalty to ensure their continued patronage of that organization. Marketing is a process that generates traffic to a website or online store by using traditional advertising methods, such as the distribution of press kits, classified ads, flyers, billboards and the like. Marketing is also an indirect method of creating awareness, of products and services, of a business. It can also be defined as the creation of awareness for the public on behalf of an organization by use of media, such as the internet and other interactive media.


Marketing has been called the one best concept for creating value for a company because it brings in more profit than the creation of value, or creation of market share. Marketing concepts are a very important aspect of running a successful organization, if you want your company to be successful and stay competitive. Marketers think about marketing concept when they decide to launch a new product or service into the market, to attract more consumers, to increase brand loyalty or to gain new customers. Marketing concepts also come into play when organizations plan for new investments, to expand markets, or to retain and re-sell existing customers.

Marketing myopia is the concept that marketers have about marketing. They think that they are able to do all the marketing that they need to do in order for their product concept to work. Marketers should remember that they are marketing people, with all the strengths and weaknesses that distinguish humans from other animals. Marketers should be careful not to become so focused on marketing that they lose focus on all the other efforts that they need to perform in order for their business to succeed. The bottom line is that marketers should only focus on a part of their strategy, and if they do that successfully, it will be a big part of their strategy.