The Meaning of News

You need to understand the meaning of news before discarding it as nonsense. The acronym NEWSCORE stands for National, regional, and local news. Besides the above, different writers and journalists define news in different ways. As a newspaper writer, your job is to find out what kind of news your readers are interested in, and then inform them accordingly.


A good example is the front page of any newspaper. It informs the reader about important national, local, and international events that are taking place. But how do you tell if what you are reporting is newsworthy? If your article lists a series of “but still” reasons why something happened, the chances are that it is not news at all. In such cases, it has already been printed numerous times in many papers, making it an “old news”.

Some news items are so ridiculous that they get more attention than the real events they are reporting. Take, for example, the recent planting of a giant tree in Florida. Reporters rushed to the scene to find out how the giant tree came to be on the ground. According to their story, the tree was accidentally put there by a Florida man who was working on his own house. In other words, he forgot the tree was there and had forgotten about it when he got home.