News Services

The news is all around us. It’s all covering us from coast to coast, all the time. It’s even covering our pets in some cases. We get it at home through our television sets, we read it in magazines and newspapers, and we get it on our computer monitors. There are also websites that compile news for you from all over the world.


News is also spreading into the news media through local news sources. Examples of news sources that publish news are the Associated Press, CNN, and Fox News. Anyone can access a free online test, and there’s no doctor referral or appointment required, the American Health Department said in an online news release. The news media is an important part of our society, covering everything from politics to crime and new technologies.

The press association provides a check off list of accredited news agencies. Some of the more well known ones are AP, CBS and C-SPAN. Other not so well known news service suppliers are Newsweek and Slate. They also provide resources for researching news. for colleges, universities, publications and more. There are many places to find news. If you have a news need, you should check out the resources available through the associated press association and the various suppliers of news.